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We are excited to introduce Migliori, the most innovative and useful silicone-based personal lubricant on the market! Migliori is doctor recommended for vaginal dryness, is great for health and beauty, and of course is an amazing sexual lubricant! 

The idea for Migliori started a BBQ on a Saturday afternoon when three buddies, Neal, Jeff, and Scott were enjoying a few beers after a morning half-marathon. The subject of chafing came up, and Jeff mentioned that he used personal lubricant to reduce chafing on longer runs. Neal owning a medical laboratory, suggested that they should come up with the perfect lubricant using the highest of ingredients, with vitamins such as  A, B6, D, and E. That day, the three decided that they would create the finest of lubricants - non-greasy, silky texture, dries clean with no residue, no scent, taste, or staining, similar to a woman's natural feel, leaves the skin soft and smooth, and came in a sleek, classy bottle that could be left out on the nightstand without drawing attention to itself. 

Neal took their ideas back to his laboratory, and 18 months and many, many trials later, they finally had the perfect product. Since then, the ideas and uses for Migliori only continues to grow. This amazing product that should be a staple in any household.

Migliori means "Finest" in Italian ...." when only the finest will do"...

What Our Customers Are Saying

- Jenessa J

Finally, a silicone lubricant that doesn't taste disgusting, smell weird, or stain my sheets!

- Jeri

My new number one pick for a silicone lube!

- TC

All I have to say is that everyone needs to order this product and try it out... it puts similar products to shame!

- Glenda B

Migliori saved my marriage! Super lubricant!

- Jeff S

I love that it doesn't look like a lubricant.

- Jessica

Menopausal women, were saved! Great product, giving life back! Thank You!!!

- Tommy R

 My wife and I have been using over the counter lubricants for years now. We wanted to try something else and tried Migliori. All I can say is WOW! Before we were reapplying several times during intercource. Migliori gets it done right the first time. A little goes a long way. Feel confident with this product you will love it.

- Sandra

I love to run. What I don't love is the chafing that comes from my thighs rubbing together. I tried applying Migliori to my inner thighs, and the chafing is practically gone! No More Chafing!!

- Frey

Great product!!! My lady and I are at an advanced age and just are not as active as we use to be. Thanks for giving us this fountain of youth!!!

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